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Art is not what YOU see but what you make OTHERS see. -- Degas
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Karen Steiner
Artist /Owner
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Artist Profile
My name is Karen Steiner and I am an Artist. It so amazes me to see everything  
 through a painter's eye and my desire is to share in my paintings all I see with those who wish to envision God's glory around us.

Art is my life. I've always loved to create. I strive for the satisfaction one gets from changing a blank space into a world of beauty with colors and lines. Granted, it is a God-given ability, but I truly feel that every person needs to experience this type of satisfaction at one point in their lives.

Continuous learning is an essential part of my journey as an artist, I would like to consider myself self-taught, but guidance is a necessary part of all aspects of life. My high school art teachers really sparked my desire to learn more. So following high school, I attended Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau where I majored in art. 

I am a Member of The National Society of Decorative Painters. Here I have been taught by numerous world renowned artists, such as Sherry Nelson and Mark Polomchak. Mark did an extraordinary job guiding me in the expansion of my water color talents. I have belonged to Gateway Decorative Artists, a chapter of the National Society, for 15 years. Here I have taken many classes in acrylics and oil painting, and I have also taught many classes in these same fields.
I adore teaching and appreciate the opportunity to share my abilities to create beautiful pieces of art work.
I found my love for teaching early on, as I spent 10 years teaching fourth and fifth graders at St. George Elementary School in Hermann, Missouri where I also attended as a child. All children are so gifted with a creative mind and it is so gratifying to be able to bring out that creativity.
In more recent years, I taught principles of drawing and design to a group of home-schooled children in St. Charles,Missouri for two years.

My love of Art brings with it the desire to try different medias and different painting surfaces. In most of my work, you will see oil paintings as my primary focus, however I will occasionally dabble in acrylics and several other medias as well. I have also been accused of painting on anything that will hold still! These are not just accusations, as you will see I enjoy painting on feathers, leaves, saw blades, driftwood and other beautiful wood pieces, wine glasses, sheets of music and even furniture.
Continuous learning is an essential part of my journey as an artist.